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IoT Analytics

We gather data from all of your edge devices in our cloud platform. You should manage operations using information that considers all aspects of your business, not just a single area.

IoT Analytics

Industry leading sensor and device infrastructure solutions which are designed for a wide variety of applications.

IoT Analytics

We provide M2M SIM cards, private APN, and connectivity on Canada's leading LTE network. Our service and monitoring ensures your solutions always performs at its best.










IoT Solutions

The Internet of Things has transformed the way businesses work, and Desklinx offers the knowledge and
solutions to help your business succeed. We connect IoT devices and applications to business network
infrastructures. As a result, we expand the reach of your company with devices and sensors to your
assets hundreds of kilometres away.


With intuitive, user-friendly dashboards for performance analysis, asset management, predictive maintenance, advanced big data analytics, and more, Desklinx gives every user, the insight they need to manage their IoT infused operations.

EV Charging

Electrohub is our EV charging solution for residential and business charging applications. We provide a complete solution with charging equipment, management software, installation, and support. We provide Level 2, Level 3, and DC Fast charges for any application.

Managed M2M Connectivity

To meet your M2M or remote network needs, Desklinx offers dedicated M2M connectivity solutions. We can offer a variety of data packages to meet your M2M communications needs. We can supply you with any quantity of SIM cards needed for your devices.

Smart Cities

Specialized IoT devices and connectivity are key factors in the evolution of Smart City’s ability to automate municipal processes; from the remote management of traffic lights on public streets, to monitoring energy utilization in buildings. We can help municipalities gather and combine IoT data that will help them to perform more efficiently.

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