IoT Solutions

The Internet of Things has transformed the way businesses work, and Desklinx offers the knowledge and solutions to help your business succeed. We connect IoT devices and applications to business network infrastructures. As a result, we expand the reach of your company with devices and sensors to your assets hundreds of kilometres away from your base of operations. Let us know about your issues and business objectives. We'll make recommendations and create a solution to meet your needs. We know IoT. We also know how to integrate and IoT solutions. Desklinx is trusted by our clients to offer dependable IoT and M2M connectivity solutions and services.

Asset TrackingAsset Tracking

Desklinx provides end-to-end IoT connectivity and SaaS software solutions that are built to improve efficiency and accuracy of business fleets, distribution, asset tracking, and driver conduct. IoT is changing the way organizations manage their operations, suppliers, and consumers. Using our platforms, technology, and managed services, you can manage your mobile assets in real-time.

EV ChargingEV Charging

Desklinx’s ELECTROHUB EV charging solution include set-up, monitoring, and services for business and municipalities looking for a reliable EV charging solution. ELECTROHUB provided level 2 and level 3 EV chargers from a variety of manufactures so that you know that you are getting right charger for your needs.

Smart BuildingSmart Building

Desklinx provides Cloud-based solutions that supports air quality, temperature, and humidity monitoring Our solutions give you the ability to monitor, measure, and maintain your building atmosphere, space usage, and access in real-time from anywhere with our cloud-based management platform.
Our solution provides full control of your commercial, multi-residential, hospitality, and institutional facilities. All devices are cloud connected, enabling secure remote monitoring, control, and analysis.

Smart CitySmart City

Specialized IoT devices and connectivity are key factors in the evolution of Smart City’s ability to automate municipal processes; from the remote management of traffic lights on public streets, to monitoring energy utilization in buildings. We can help municipalities gather and combine IoT data that will help them to perform more efficiently.


Desklinx helps manufacturers save money through better inventory management, improved asset utilization, and optimized production planning. Our IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and RTLS solutions enable manufacturers to control and monitor production lines, supplies, and inventory. We identify process bottlenecks and ensure high levels of quality control. Alert notifications can be set to individual specifications, enabling user to take immediate actions when problems occur. Our RTLS solution gives users the ability to access the most up-to-date information asset, activity, inventory, and staff activity at a touch of a button.

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