Managed M2M Connectivity

Desklinx specializes in providing dedicated connectivity solutions for machine-to-machine (M2M) or remote networks. We offer a range of SIM cards and packages that use LTE and LTE-M technology to facilitate M2M communication. These SIM cards can be used in a variety of devices, and we can provide any quantity that is needed for your M2M or remote network setup. Desklinx is dedicated to helping our clients find the right M2M connectivity solution to meet their specific needs and ensure that their devices can communicate effectively and efficiently. Whether you are a small business owner or a large corporation, Desklinx can provide you with the M2M connectivity solutions that you need to keep your operations running smoothly.


  • Leverage the largest networkEnable your business to collect data and stay connected from coast-to-coast with access to Canada’s largest wireless network for IoT
  • More reliableLTE SIMs from Desklinx are sourced from Bell Mobility, who connects the vast majority of cell towers with fibre, the most reliable network technology.
  • Future-proof with InnovationWe utilize new network technology to innovate and improve the way businesses operate. Our partner Bell was the first Canadian carrier to launch LTE-M, a low-power IoT network that offers a unique combination of enhanced coverage and longer battery life with carrier-grade security.
  • strong>Prepaid LTE SIM PlansYou can purchase your a data plan up front for one year and eliminate the need for monthly invoices. Each SIM cards will be configured to provide the data you purchased on a monthly basis.
  • Build a BundleChoose the quantity of SIM cards and data per SIM card needed per month. You will realize better pricing for larger quantities of SIM cards and length of service commitment. We will configure your SIMs and ship them to you directly. Contact use for pricing and more information.
  • Management ToolsWe give our clients access to management tools that will allow you to monitor data usage, network activity, malfunctions, and more.

We offer scalable LTE SIM card plans and services such as Private APNs, Remote Access, and Secure
Bandwidth Management. Desklinx’s superior service, straightforward pricing, and dedicated team make us
stand out from the crowd.
Our users can access their usage data and we can send notifications. Monitor data usage in real time,
keep an eye on device status in real time, and much more.
You can now control all your IoT devices from a single centralized administration platform accessed
anywhere on the globe using Desklinx’s IoT management platform. Desklinx can help you simplify your IoT
data plan immediately


Desklinx’s APN (Access Point Name) services provide a cellular device with a point of entry into an IP network.
Private APNs make it simple and secure for you and your employees to connect devices to the business network. Some of the advantages of using a private APN with IoT mobile cellular devices include.
Your business network infrastructure is only accessible to IoT devices via special permissions, not to the entire Internet.
You can assign a dedicated access point names for your IoT devices which helps in the management of your M2M network.

Business Applications

LTE SIM cards are used in Internet of Things (IoT) devices, such as GPS trackers, security cameras, and other connected devices, to provide internet connectivity and improved efficiency, enhanced security, and greater flexibility. In some cases, using an LTE SIM card may also be more cost-effective than other options. Overall, LTE SIM cards can help businesses improve efficiency, enhance security, and reduce costs by enabling reliable and cost-effective internet connectivity for their IoT devices.

LTE Failover Solution

Desklinx LTE Failover Solution offer Wireless Failover Business connectivity solutions, which can play a key role in meeting these requirements. By combining WAN connectivity and LTE, your broadband connection will automatically failover to a local Desklinx network router when the primary Internet connection is lost. When your main Internet connection is restored, our router will automatically failback to your main Internet service connection to prevent unnecessary data charges. Desklinx’s LTE Failover can help you create a secure, non-interruptive and cost-effective network solution for businesses that cannot afford to lose Internet connectivity.
  • Automatically rolling over to the 4G/LTE Failover when primary down
  • Being simple, scalable, easy to deploy
  • Remote management and monitoring
  • A business Connectivity solution fully managed by Desklinx
  • Eliminate downtime, save money by keeping employees productive
  • Using Industry leading 4G/LTE routers

Remote Office Connectivity

If a business has remote offices or employees who need to connect to the internet from remote locations, an LTE router can be used to provide them with internet access. The router can be set up at the remote location and connected to an LTE network, allowing remote employees to connect to the internet and access the company’s network and resources.

Temporary Event Connectivity

An LTE router can also be useful for businesses that need to set up temporary internet connectivity for events or installations. The router can be quickly set up and connected to an LTE network, providing internet access for attendees or employees at the event or installation.


Sometimes it is necessary to move the computing to the physical location of the data source. With computing services placed closer to these locations, users have faster, more reliable services, whilst companies are able to support latency-sensitive applications, identify trends, and offer better products and services.
In addition to providing minimal latency and high operational efficiency, Desklinx’s industrial edge computing and visualization solutions allow for enhanced productivity. Our customers can connect virtually any automation equipment they need through supported industry protocols and web services.
Monitoring and controlling assets are made simple with our visualization software. Our edge IoT gateway solutions give customers the extensive I/O connectivity and computing power they need to deliver accurate real-time insights right from the edge.

GPS Tracking

GPS vehicle or equipment asset tracking can be used by businesses to track the location and movement of their vehicles or equipment in real-time, allowing them to optimize routes, improve efficiency, and reduce downtime. It can also be used to monitor employee driving habits, prevent equipment theft, and improve customer service by providing real-time updates on the status of deliveries or service calls. Overall, GPS asset tracking can help businesses to reduce operating costs, improve safety, and increase the overall efficiency of their operations.

Our solution run exclusively on the Bell Mobility Network

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Order your LTE SIM Bundle

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