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EV chargers

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ELECTROHUB offers state of the art charging station solutions for all of your requirements and needs

Smart EV Application

See all your chargers, user activity, charging levels, and equipment status in one powerful application


variety of EV charging options from level 2, commercial, DC

Customer Service

Always open customer service for reporting any stations issues

Onsite maintenance support

We dispatch trained technicians to fix or replace defective equipment

Charging options

Our software is designed to help you accurately monitor usage and users, providing you with up to the minute reports on costs and much more

Multi-year financing

We can provide financing to spread the cost of setup and equipment over multiple years to make getting started in EV charging a simple

Software features that help make managing your chargers easy

We give you full network visibility so you can monitor your EV charger status, user activity, and costs in real-time.

  • Intuitive software for managing all of your E/software_features.png chargers
  • Billing & updating of rates
  • Track electricity usage
  • Data analytics and reporting
  • Power management for optimal user experience
  • Mobile access for users

Verticals Served

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